Digital Safety Hub Vietnam

By May 19, 2021Uncategorised

This project is a Vietnam-based project born to fulfill the need for Digital Citizenship education for our youth beneficiaries. The growing cybercrime represented an urgent need that was covered by this portal.

The Problem

The audience evolved, thanks to different projects like Lamsaodevao, Chong hack, and others, the digital crime rate lowered in Vietnam. Now the portal has evolved into an organization that wants to attend personal digital safety threads and educate civil associations to be safe online, growing their scope and efficiency. I needed to create a portal, keeping most of the brand that can serve this purpose.

Target Audience

  • Young people in Vietnam from 15- 35 that use digital platforms on daily basis, (most of them do) 
  • Civil Associations interested in having a healthy digital presence diminishing the online risks, this activity brings to the table.

Split and conquer

After implementing a survey to a large group of young digital device users in Vietnam, we discovered most of them would like to have the option of having personal assistance for their digital hygiene, aside from the already successful content the portal shares and produce daily. The associations were interested in being audited and helped directly for safety implementation in their networks. 

In order to accomplish these different demographics was to split the site into two. Personal assistance will take you to a questionnaire to evaluate your digital hygiene behavior, and based on the answers the user will get personalized assistance, like push notifications, email reminders,  and will point them to the articles related to your level. 

I realized the website was made on Images that were linked, which made it awful when visited on mobile. I talked to the in-house developer so he could take over and do a full refactor for our new version, and make it mobile-first.