By July 27, 2020ux

Foodwize is a short circuit platform that offers a turnkey corporate catering solution that integrates a connected canteen to offer ultra-fresh and balanced meals at an affordable price, cooked mainly with local products and delivered daily by our partner chefs.

For this Startup, I am in charge of the branding, communications, and UX/UI design. The main idea is to create an identity that travels through all the user experience, which includes website, web app, mobile app, hardware, and marketing material.

Foodwize Logo and App icon

The project is based on field research, in the logo and icon case we passed a social media survey with 5 options and people from our target audience were able to choose.

5 options, our clients choose

The wireframes were created in google slides, to adapt to some team workers which had no experience with UX design tools.

Example of app wireframe

The visuals are being made in Adobe XD and delivered to the development team (located in Canada and Venezuela) with the most details possible to make their life easier.

A little demo of how the app will work