ChumRum Digital

By July 27, 2020ux

This is an ongoing project based in Cambodia, we are teaching young people about online security. This is the first initiative of this kind in the country and have been growing very fast since we began. I was in charge of the UX/UI of the website, Brand creation and integration with all the products. As well as teaching the local team to generate and use their visual resources.

I created the logo and icon after 3 instructive brand sessions with the local team in which they learnt the importance of reducing to its minimum the graphic representation of the brand definition in order to have a memorable logo.

The color palette is vibrant and the character design is manga, to resonate within the young population in Cambodia which has a lot of influence from this comic style aesthetics.

The idea of the team was to have a beehive hexagon team as the main navigation of the training topics. The main idea of the navigation flow is for the user to never have to click the back button in order to reach to any place on the site. they should always have guidance and movement freedom.

All the visuals were created in Adobe XD and ran through different youth groups in Cambodia, to ensure it was easy and pleasant to navigate.

The webapp will be launched this summer. The social media accounts are already growing exponentially everyday.