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Cyberstar is a digital citizenship education platform oriented for young Russian and Uzbek speakers. This non for profit initiative offers training modules from different knowledge levels, and eventually will create a platform so graduates can teach as well.

I was in charge of adapting the logo from the previous project (which i created) for this new initiative, and create the UX/UI of the webapp.

The CyberSTAR has one petal for each category of training that will be taught in order to generate the link between the icon and the teaching method, we decide to go for an unconventional circular navigation.

We used hospital navigation to make all the paths clear to the user. A very neutral color base, and each category have a vibrant color which will be present in all the category spaces.

After every module, there will be recommendations on how to follow that line of learning or a secondary menu to navigate freely throughout the site and will have evaluation modules so the user can confirm if they learned the material.

We already started using this material to teach digital citizenship in a private domain, as a testing method and has been very successful, if it continues to be so, the project is plan to grow in more than 6 languages.